3 Best Battery Saving Apps for Android 2018

3 Best Battery Saving Apps for Android 2018 on DroidTrends Top Blog
Our gadgets are getting more and more productive every day - read any latest press release from a tech company, be it a behemoth like Samsung or up-and-coming companies like Xiaomi, and you’ll find all these cinquenta-core, super-thin, ultra-lightweight, QBEhd devices. Too bad they aren’t equipped with solar panels as the MPG that you’re getting isn’t exactly impressive - you have to really really try to squeeze out more than a day’s worth juice out of your phone. Sure it does cheer me up when I watch Full HD GoPro videos on my phone sans lags that I experience on my laptop (oh, the Old Rusty), but I'd like to watch them when I want, not when I can afford it - battery-wise, of course.

So let’s check out our little helpful minions aka battery saving apps and pinpoint the best of the pack.

1. Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

Apparently, the developers of this app Cheetah Mobile decided that their app is so nice it’s worth naming twice, hence the confusing name. Doctor Saver features simple, easy-to-use interface, supports a unique 3 stage charging system, provides you with details on how long it would take to charge your device, kills (oh, so cruel!) unnecessary app while you're not using them including when your screen is off, not to mention a host of other features. You will receive no bill - it's a good app, and thorough.

2. DU Battery Saver

This app claims to be the world’s no.1 battery saving app for Android and while there might be a swarm of those willing to debate it, this handy little app does the job quite well. It boasts anytime optimization, a flock of smart preset modes, a precise breakdown of battery details and status, charging manager that also helps preserve the ions in your lithium and a phone cooler feature that will help your CPU pull through the hottest of days by reducing the temperature and preserving hardware. All of this is packed in for free so make sure to try DU Battery Saver out.


3. Boost Battery Saver Free

Boost Battery Saver claims to be a quick and simple way to defend your gear from reckless charging, apps that hog your battery and neglected settings that curtail your battery life. It also declares that it uses the "most advanced techniques" to preserve your battery and extend the time it lasts. 

Even though this app comes completely free of charge you'll never see popups and other ads as the developers seem to be super serious about this. Boost also utilizes industry-standard features like killing apps in a click and extreme modes to squeeze it to the last drop so it seems like this app is worth putting to the test.

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